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Rocky Horror at the Ragland
When I spoke with Mark today he asked if we would be interested in shooting some footage of audience members dancing on stage during the Time Warp, as something they could use for promotional purposes in the future. I don't expect this would be a paid project, but it should also be a simple thing...record one dance number, quick edit and provide it on a disc.

It would be a nice thing to do for the Ragland considering what they are doing for us. Any takers? Quick and easy shoot/edit/produce experience.

I may be interested in trying my SLR and a low-light lens for this...though I will be coming back from out of town.

Jesse Widener
Art and Structure design studio -
I made it down to the Ragland to get this done. I used my D90. The results were so-so, mostly because iMovies control/compression when exporting is poor, but I provided the Ragland with a web-friendly sized video of the Time Warp dance number.

I also provided two dozen photos of the costume contest. The photos turned out beautifully, as I would expect. The D90 is a great stills camera. It is a nearly perfect stills camera given it's size, price and capabilities. I am only looking to replace mine for increased video capability and some high-end niceties on the photography end.

A disc of the dance number and stills was given to Mark McCrary.

Jesse Widener
Art and Structure design studio -

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